We Have Forgotten

We have forgotten our greatest friend.
The very Lifeforce that anticipates our
every move, thought and desire.
We have lost touch.

The process of Inner Resonance
creates through a delicacy of touch
and a mindful presence,
a remembering.

In that place of remembering
we come full circle,
and return to the spirit of being
and the land of the heart,
our place of Belonging.

- © Paul Vick (founder of resonance trainings)

Something I’d like to share!! It held a particular resonance with me, I came across it written on a mindfulness leaflet whilst I was on holiday in New Zealand.

There is an impulse to heal within the client which lies dormant, waiting for the right conditions to unfold. The clients healing process spontaneously emerges when the conditions are right.

- Ron Kurtz.