Swedish Massage

                                                                 Relax and Rejuvenate with Swedish Massage

What is massage?

Massage is a manual manipulation of soft body tissue (muscles,connective tissue,tendons and ligaments)to enhance a persons health and well being.

Benefits of  Massage 

  • Energises
  • Deeply Relaxes body and Mind
  • Reduces the effects of tension/stress and anxiety
  • Increases positive feeling
  • Dilates blood vessels,improving circulation and congestion
  • Acts as a mechanical cleanser,stimulating lymph circulation and speeding up the elimination of toxins
  • Relaxes Muscles and relieves tension
  • Increases blood supply and nutrition to muscles
  • Improves Muscle tone
  • Stretches connective tissue,improves circulation
  • Makes you feel good

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage aims at improving your body’s overall health and wellness.

It attempts to deeply relax the entire body by rubbing along the muscles using specific techniques.

Studies show that it improves the body’s immune system,it increases lymphocytes (White blood cells) that help immune cells fight your body’s enemies like colds and influenza.

Benefits of massage are psychological and physiological

Psychological - Which relates to the mind .The main benefits are relaxation of the body and mind,thereby reducing the effects of tension,stress and anxiety.Improves self esteem and energy levels.

Physiological - Massage has a local physiological affect on the part of the body being worked,as well as affecting the body as a whole through nervous stimulation and relaxation.

Massage Treatment

Massage can be tailored to individual requirements:

Back,neck and shoulders.

Face,back neck and shoulders.

Full Body.

A choice of massage mediums will be available from grape seed, almond oil and coconut.

Also a selection of songbird supreme massage wax made from natural ingredients.